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America’s movement to mandate health insurance coverage will fundamentally change the way America does business and will extend the reach of the government into American’s lives in an unprecedented manner. Since the introduction of the Interstate Commerce Act in 1887 (Nash et. al., 2011, p 515) the act has been used by the federal government to justify laws and agencies from the FDA to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Due to America’s long history of maintaining individual rights and leaving the power of the government in the hands of the people the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has caused concern amongst many Americans and has led to multiple court actions questioning the constitutionality of the act. Extending the reach of the American government into every American home by demanding the purchase of a product as a condition of citizenship will change the relationship of Americans with the American government.

Historical Background
For the first time in the history of America the American government has utilized the commerce clause (Article 1 Section 8 ) of the constitution to dictate to Americans that they will purchase a product. Section 1501 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (The Library of Congress) requires that each citizen of the United States is required to “maintain minimum essential coverage” and cites the Supreme Court ruling in United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters Association (322 U.S. 533(1944)) as the basis for insurance falling under the interstate commerce clause of the constitution. The most controversial part of this act is the Personal mandate that requires every American to purchase health insurance.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act moves America far from the Articles of the Confederation that kept the rule of government close to the people (Skousen, 1981). Even as the American Founders moved from the Articles of the Confederation to the American Constitution they intended government to be “of the people and by the people” as President Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg Address and demonstrated by Skousen in The 5000 Year Leap (Skousen, 1981). Since the founding of America government has kept growing and in 2010 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows the federal government control over the purchasing habits of the American people in an unprecedented manner as discussed below.

Discussion and Evaluation
Supporters of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act claim that legislation is needed to keep insurance plans from engaging in unfair underwriting practices (Carman, 2011). Others feel that that many parts of the act, including the mandate and the dismissal of the Conscience Act (Lanham, 2011) oversteps the bounds of constitutional government reach into individual’s lives. While American healthcare needs to be reformed the reform must begin in the behaviors of the American people not in the halls of government.
The individual mandate has been brought to court by over 28 American states. As of November of 2011 the lower court decisions are evenly split and the question of the constitutionality of the mandate will ultimately be decided by the United States Supreme Court. The controversy over the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act extends well beyond the healthcare and demonstrates a growing shift in Americans view of their country.
Since 2007 there has been a rise of two groups with some similarities but also great differences. The fiscal conservative movement has become represented under the moniker of The Tea Party while the Occupy movement is representing the view that the top 1% of money holders owes support to the other 99% of Americans. This split in American’s view is not new but the legislation demonstrated in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act demonstrates the extent that the progressive (Nash et. al., 2011) movement has been able to influence American legislation.
Ultimately the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on its own is not the able to change America but it is the first time that a law has been passed that tells Americans what they must purchase because they are American. If the mandate is allowed to stand it sets the precedent that America’s government can tell Americans what they must purchase and where they must purchase said product. This power in the hands of the government will ensure that business will have to spend more time assessing future government legislative moves than they have in the past.
While legislation and taxation have influenced American business for generations a government that can dictate the features and marketplace for a product is a game changer for American business. In the past business has used various methods to determine the products the American public will buy and the sales channels needed to sell the product. The individual mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act dictates the design of acceptable product specifications and creates a government maintained sales channel for the distribution/sale of the product. This precedent will allow the government to become the product designer and seller of any product they desire if it is ruled constitutional.
This governmental reach into the purchasing habits of every American has a twofold effect. It creates a precedent for government to mandate purchases by its citizens and makes the government the ultimate decider of product design undermining free market principles of supply and demand. This precedent has the potential to change both the business and government climate in America by allowing the government to dictate to the American consumer what products they will purchase and from where they will purchase said product. It also has the potential to further the system in which those with more resources are forced to provide for those with fewer resources.
In Overtreated Shannon Brownlee lays out the current American system and how over utilization and lack of coordinated care contributes to the growing cost of American Healthcare and uninsured populations (Brownlee, 2007). The question facing the American people is who is responsible to manage utilization and to coordinate care. The insurance concept of managed care was designed to place the insurance company and a primary care physician in this position but full managed care limited the consumer’s choice of specialists and hospitals and led to a backlash by the consumer (Walker, 2009 & AHIP, 2007). From personal experience I have learned that when the consumer manages care effectively both the care and the willingness of insurance to cover costs are raised. However, the complexities of the healthcare system and the lack of expertise of the American consumer has led to a lack of personal accountability of the American consumer (Brownlee, 2007).
While the American healthcare system needs improved the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not the solution to the problem. The act does not address the actual problems of the system (JAMA, 2011, AHIP, 2011, Overtreated, 2007) and allowing the government to mandate the purchasing actions of individuals is too high a cost for America to pay to resolve the issue.

As stated in Overtreated (Brownlee, 2007) the actual issues of American healthcare are not inherent to health insurance but disconnects within the healthcare system itself. There is a multiple level approach that needs to be taken to address the healthcare breakdown in America.
First and foremost American healthcare consumers need to become empowered to be their own advocates and healthcare coordinators. This can be accomplished by the consumer’s willingness to participate in their own healthcare and in healthcare providers being willing and trained to treat consumers as partners. In addition both patients and healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, specialists, pharmaceutical providers, etc.) need to become partners with the insurance agencies and vice versa.
The patients and providers need to view the costs spent on healthcare in the same manner they would view the same services if they were paying cash for the service. This awareness of cost would help keep doctors from over utilizing tests and specialists when they know full well that the likelihood of the test providing for the care of the patient is minimal.
In addition doctors need to maintain a relationship with the patient and all specialists the patient is referred to in order to assure no over utilization of the system or overmedication of the patient. In the current system doctors do not have the time or incentive to practice this level of patient management. Due to the existing payment structure of Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance the doctor must move patients through the exam room every 15 minutes for a general visit and 30 minutes for a chronic condition visit. This economic need for quantity over quality motivates doctors and doctor administrative offices to encourage fast “diagnoses” or to move the patient off to a specialist.
Additionally the legal system needs reformed to discourage lawsuits against healthcare professionals where there is no intentional negligence or neglect on the part of the provider. Currently providers will over utilize services in an effort to assure they have left out no test in case someone sues them in the future. This is not based on the need of the patient but on the need of the doctor’s malpractice insurance company.
For the American healthcare system to not be a drain on American purse strings and for all Americans to be insured all parties involved in healthcare will have to change their habits and the consumer will have to take ultimate responsibility for their actions. More legislation will not resolve the American healthcare crisis but will continue to add to the reluctance of doctors to only recommend and utilize needed services. The American consumer has to be on the front line of the reform issue by changing their view of healthcare and utilization practices and demanding their healthcare providers coordinate care appropriately. It is also important for the consumer to seek out doctors that will participate in a doctor patient partnership.
While this sounds overwhelming and impossible to many people my husband and I are proof that a disabled person with a chronic condition can receive adequate care and help the insurance companies control costs when the patient and the patient’s family are willing to put a reasonable amount of time and effort into managing their own care and understanding their health insurance plan. 



Dear Lord,

Since 1775, when the Continental Congress asked the colonies to pray for wisdom in forming a nation America has relied on your grace and wisdom to remain free.

Today as we face loss of freedom and security many of us fall on our face once again and ask for your grace and wisdom. We know that mere people do not have the power to change the world and we ask that your power and spirit blankets us and the world.


Fire them ALL

Fire them ALL.. Contract out as much as possible.. Hold an election for the deserters..

It don’t take rocket science to understand we don’t need a lot of fights about positions that are what use to be considered Public Servants or at least WANTING to make a difference.. People USE to want to help or be a part of making things better, be it by teaching the kids or forming policies for the people.. BUT most now are JOBS and WELL PAID JOBS.. Enough is tooooo much toooo much toooo much.. Stop it and FIRE THEM ALL.. Get back to Zero and start over..

Please please understand I have UTMOST respect for our teachers, law enforcement and fire fighters.. BUT they are all to serve and WANT to, not be there to make money in these times when all of us cutting WAY back.. It seems we have lost our way.. It is TIME to not have much of any of it Government, but probably private sector.. I guess that is what we might call contracted out..

Yep, you got it, most wages would probably be cut in half, but OH WELL, they are bringing it on themselves and with their actions I almost could care less anymore.. Sorry, but that is the insanity I see the last couple years… You got it, I am talking of TEACHERS UNIONS boycotting AZ.. that was insanity.. I am talking of all the less than acceptable demands being put on school districts while the teachers STILL can NOT teach, but have to walk a political tight rope as often the IN GROUP will get them fired.. YEP it is CORRUPT and the GOOD teachers are going to suffer anyway, so FIRE THEM ALL..

I know there is a lot that can be said and fought on this, but bottom line, enough is enough, just paint it ALL with a BROAD BRUSH and put a stop to it.. As for deserters.. Yep, it use to be a firing squad, but I am sure that is NOT acceptable, so fire them and elect new, or appoint a few that were runner ups against them.. Bottom line is.. NEVER let them feel comfortable returning back to the state they deserted.. AND yep, I know the Democrats have pulled it in several states in the years.. I know they deserted Texas a few years ago, and now I guess they have deserted Wisconsin the way it is said.. I am sure their have been others also, who knows.. GET RID OF THEM..

Life is NOT all as difficult as we make it or let it be.. Times are tough and we hear all this about change.. WELL, lets CHANGE it..  We had a saying in Vietnam.. “Don’t Tread On ME”. Well, we are all getting Tread on.. Get out the Broad Brush and lets start painting..

If you see this poor pup Please call the number. Don’t try to catch him as greyhounds will run and be very far away too fast.

Missing Greyhound in the Northglenn/Thornton Colorado Area.

White Male, Small Brindle Mark above his right eye, 1105 tattoo’d on one of his ears, answers to Bandit. Last seen at the Regatta Apartments at midnigh…t on New Years at 104th and Irma in Northglenn CO.
Please call 720-301-7438 if found.
Bandit the Greyhound

Missing Greyhound Northglenn CO

It is time for another great post from my Vietnam Vet friend.


Why oh WHY can’t some understand INTELLIGENCE often will NOT tolerate a Platform, Rules or Agenda?

There is NOT some little box many can be put in.. There is not some little corral many can be fenced in with.. There is not some GROUP that can be simplified so SOME can NAME while they try to put them down and intimidate..

Often prejudice, ignorance, and the unenlightened or the extremists seem to wish all people in some GROUPING so they can NAME them, but it doesn’t work that way. We have seen the last couple years of supposed enlightened brilliant full of extremists ideas that are suppose to help the poor downtrodden idiots of the USA.. DUH.. They have almost destroyed this very country with their enlightened insanity

NOW, the people have had enough.. Many are rising up with NO real “Platform” “Rules” or “Agenda”. Those people do NOT care what name others want to put on them, but instead they are going to VOTE to change what is going on.. YEP to get rid of many who are in Washington.

Sure some are voting for the same people.. some are voting with recommendations of others.. Some even are members of what the CONFUSED are calling the TEA PARTY… Many are supporting the TEA PARTY, but that does NOT mean they are the TEA PARTY. Much of the TEA PARTY is NOT simple as Name and claim it or Name and bash it. In many cases there in NO knowing what it is if you have to have things in some box.

It is a change.. It is an action.. it is a FEEL.. It is what the UNITED STATES is all about .. WE THE PEOPLE that have people in WASHINGTON listening to US, not going on their AGENDA. THEY SERVE US, they serve We The People.. And they have LOST their way.

They have become arrogant.. They have become unknowing and lost touch with WE THE PEOPLE.. They do not understand we will STOP the insanity as they have NO idea they are the INSANITY that has crawled in some little box.

They can not understand INDIVIDUALITY that has UNITED without becoming ANY one “Platform” set of “Rules” or “Agenda”. Just a voting FORCE that will take back the USA..

God Bless America.. Let us continue to be a diverse group that can UNITE when needed without being all the same in what group we belong to.. WE are WE THE PEOPLE with the spirit of the TEA PARTY.. Taking back America ONE VOTE AT A TIME.

CO Governor

Hear the candidates debate. CSPAN Debate 9News Debate ABC Debate

Crazy times here in my hometown. Many people including many with big name recognition have jumped on the Tom Tancredo bandwagon. We are sticking with our support for Dan Maes for various reasons not the least of which is Tancredo’s past behavior.

Here is an amazing article on this subject

When this election cycle started I promised myself that I would no longer just vote for the person who could win but that I would vote my convictions. While many may feel Tom is the conservative god I have watched him flip-flop too much over the years to believe he will stand firm. Dan might not be perfect but I believe he is a man of God and has integrity. I know so much about the people calling him a liar etc. that I don’t buy the allegations plus my spirit is not troubled by Dan. If I’m wrong or if I’m right and Dan still loses I will still be able to look myself in the eye when it is over unlike years past when I went along with the story line that I had to vote for the person that could get elected.

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I just updated a bunch of pages/posts:

Please remember midterm elections are approaching fast. Make sure you vote!



GOP Pledge to America.

GOP Pledge to America. I am not really counting on this being kept any better than the Contract with America. However it is worth a read. Find the full text here: http://ow.ly/2IqUr

God Save AZ

We are making the change, we are turning the corner..

Yes, the feel better feeling..

Things are changing,

sluggish ideas are fleeing.

We are making the change..

We are turning a new corner..

We have been stuck to long..

We have been amazed at what is going on.

We have said OMG what is happening?

But NOW we are making the change.

We are waking up and taking the bull by the horns.

Money has been down, spending has been up..

Many have been made feel they need to cower like a whipped pup.

Made feel they need to watch their life evaporate.

Made feel they are less than a reprobate..

Made feel the only worthy are a group of select elite.

BUT, things are a changing, we are rounding the corner..

The peaceful majority are speaking,

The caring are voting.

The laws are changing while the violent vocal rage.

Common sense is once again taking control of our land.

Once again, We the People are getting the upper hand.

We are turning the corner .. things are changing..

It is our land..

It is our work, blood and tears that has made it great.

It is our money and the future of our children.

We have had enough, we have watched the mess.

We are standing up, we will do nothing less.

It has been a long bumpy scary ride, BUT ..

Thank God we are turning the corner.

We are making the change.. YES

We are turning the corner..

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