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Crazy times here in my hometown. Many people including many with big name recognition have jumped on the Tom Tancredo bandwagon. We are sticking with our support for Dan Maes for various reasons not the least of which is Tancredo’s past behavior.

Here is an amazing article on this subject

When this election cycle started I promised myself that I would no longer just vote for the person who could win but that I would vote my convictions. While many may feel Tom is the conservative god I have watched him flip-flop too much over the years to believe he will stand firm. Dan might not be perfect but I believe he is a man of God and has integrity. I know so much about the people calling him a liar etc. that I don’t buy the allegations plus my spirit is not troubled by Dan. If I’m wrong or if I’m right and Dan still loses I will still be able to look myself in the eye when it is over unlike years past when I went along with the story line that I had to vote for the person that could get elected.


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I just updated a bunch of pages/posts:

Please remember midterm elections are approaching fast. Make sure you vote!



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I want to take the time to tell everyone why Sean and I believe so strongly in Dan Maes. We have been following Dan’s campaign since the beginning of the year (2010). In this time we met with and talked to Dan and his staff many times. I was immediately impressed by Dan’s availability and his willingness to take the time to have a thoughtful discussion. I literally hounded him about when we could meet him and he traded multiple tweets with me to arrange for Sean and I to find an event near our rural home. When we finally met Dan his faith and strength of character became immediately evident. I still remember being floored by Dan’s yielding to God and his statement that if he was supposed to be the Governor than he just had to be faithful. At that moment Sean and I knew who we would support.

We were so impressed with Dan that we committed to represent him at our caucus where we were also voted in to be our area’s representatives to both local and state assemblies. In the months between caucus and assembly the media began to notice Dan and there were news items that concerned us so we would contact Dan and ask him to explain. On every occasion we received a direct and timely response directly from Dan. On one occasion Dan even took the step of calling us back when he lost the call while driving through the mountains on his way to/from and event. He has always engaged in thoughtful conversation with us and has always impressed us with his views and the reasons he holds those views.

At state assembly we were there to see Dan achieve victory. I have seen articles stating his victory was just because people don’t like McGinnis. The truth of the matter is that Dan took the time to meet one on one with anyone that desired to meet with him and he explained his positions to each individual and answered their questions. Keep in mind he did this in a private room one on one and not just in large meetings where you have to fight to get your question answered. This personal approach has been consistent with Dan and directly led to his victory at assembly. I will never forget how humble Dan was after the assembly victory and how he sincerely believes the victory is his supporters not his personal victory.

In addition to my own experiences I have heard so many others mention how real and involved Dan is with everyone. One great example of Dan’s humility is when he not only appeared in a Fourth of July parade but at the end he helped break down the float. Ultimately this is Dan’s most winning trait – he is regular person who desires to serve the others in his state. There is no stench of an elitist about Dan and God willing he will never take on that stench.


Yvette Cowlishaw

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