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It is time for another great post from my Vietnam Vet friend.


Why oh WHY can’t some understand INTELLIGENCE often will NOT tolerate a Platform, Rules or Agenda?

There is NOT some little box many can be put in.. There is not some little corral many can be fenced in with.. There is not some GROUP that can be simplified so SOME can NAME while they try to put them down and intimidate..

Often prejudice, ignorance, and the unenlightened or the extremists seem to wish all people in some GROUPING so they can NAME them, but it doesn’t work that way. We have seen the last couple years of supposed enlightened brilliant full of extremists ideas that are suppose to help the poor downtrodden idiots of the USA.. DUH.. They have almost destroyed this very country with their enlightened insanity

NOW, the people have had enough.. Many are rising up with NO real “Platform” “Rules” or “Agenda”. Those people do NOT care what name others want to put on them, but instead they are going to VOTE to change what is going on.. YEP to get rid of many who are in Washington.

Sure some are voting for the same people.. some are voting with recommendations of others.. Some even are members of what the CONFUSED are calling the TEA PARTY… Many are supporting the TEA PARTY, but that does NOT mean they are the TEA PARTY. Much of the TEA PARTY is NOT simple as Name and claim it or Name and bash it. In many cases there in NO knowing what it is if you have to have things in some box.

It is a change.. It is an action.. it is a FEEL.. It is what the UNITED STATES is all about .. WE THE PEOPLE that have people in WASHINGTON listening to US, not going on their AGENDA. THEY SERVE US, they serve We The People.. And they have LOST their way.

They have become arrogant.. They have become unknowing and lost touch with WE THE PEOPLE.. They do not understand we will STOP the insanity as they have NO idea they are the INSANITY that has crawled in some little box.

They can not understand INDIVIDUALITY that has UNITED without becoming ANY one “Platform” set of “Rules” or “Agenda”. Just a voting FORCE that will take back the USA..

God Bless America.. Let us continue to be a diverse group that can UNITE when needed without being all the same in what group we belong to.. WE are WE THE PEOPLE with the spirit of the TEA PARTY.. Taking back America ONE VOTE AT A TIME.


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Sorry I was away so long but the computer has been making frequent stops at the repair shop and is still not right but I can get 15 minutes at a time out of it so I’m posting one of my Vietnam friend’s writings.


With all the vile protest signs.. With all the despicable acts.. With all the Stereotyping Rhetoric.. With all the unacceptable acting out.. With all the obvious actions seen by the SUPPOSED LIBERAL groups.. With all this we are seeing and NEW day .. A NEW way in the USA.. A fairly silent MAJORITY will again stand up to be seen and join together saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. We see it happening in our neighborhoods.. in our towns.. in our cities and it might be happening near YOU.. It is the REAL people for change.. It is the ones who are progressive and who DO WANT A BETTER AMERICA.. Ones who say WE THE PEOPLE have to pay a lot as we go because we are BROKE.

As we see insanity going wild in Washington and with so many non realistic protesters running amuck we will see more movements like: Democrats allowed.. Republicans welcome.. Tea Party Members wanted.. Gun Toter’s requested.. We will see more states push for actions which seem to say: Democrats allowed.. Republicans welcome.. Tea Party Members wanted.. Gun Toter’s requested.. We will see more votes that indicate: Democrats allowed.. Republicans welcome.. Tea Party Members wanted.. Gun Toter’s requested..

NOW, I ask, do we keep this line drawn in the sand or do we as a people reason together?

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Tea Party = Mainstream

I had great plans to add commentary to this post, to quote the articles and make it all pretty. I just realized that if I wait to do all that it will never get published. Maybe after County and State Assemblies I will have time to write pretty posts  🙂

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Previously I had posted my early experiences with the Tea Parties. Since then the media has accelerated their negative campaign against the movement and against all “dissenters” of the direction of the government. What follows is my look back over the past year and a half of  Tea Parties and my personal awaking.

My experience with being called names began in 2003. That year I learned that admitting to being a conservative was a dangerous activity. I began to censor myself and to hide in my computer when my coworkers were denigrating all my beliefs. I often asked myself why I did not have the courage to stand up for my conservative values but I truly feared the response of those around me.

In 2008 I welcomed the 912 and Tea Party movements with open arms. For me, and many others, they were a support group. My first tea party I cried tears of joy when I discovered I was not alone. Many attendees had been like me, in hiding and denying conservative leanings, and many of us were counting heads just to assure ourselves we were not abnormal. As the weeks/months passed we moved from relief to a sense of purpose. After all if so many of us were afraid to come forward how many of our friends and neighbors were afraid? I came out of the conservative closet and began to talk. I found people excited to find they were not alone and my liberal friends and I were able to agree to disagree (often we were not so far apart on our beliefs).

My next step was to take a personal inventory. I have great friends that are black, Hispanic, gay and of many political and religious stripes. What made me ever believe that I was racist or bigoted? As for the charge of being stupid I always discounted that charge. Stupid is in the eye of the beholder and is not a word or concept we even allow to be brandished in our home. I have a college degree and am not far from having a second degree and I’m successful at my chosen career and no one that knows me has ever called me stupid – quite the reverse. Interestingly enough the same is true for the charges of racist and bigoted but it took a tea party for me to have the courage to stand against those allegations. Today I have arrived at the conclusion that am not wrong to hold my beliefs, after all I was  “endowed by my maker” with the right to believe what I believe be it religious or fiscal.

This is true hate ~    This is true horror ~     This is true bigotry ~     This is NOTis

BTW: this is an example of dangerous protesters

It truly distresses me that everyone is spending so much time calling each other names and not paying attention to the true issues that plague our nation.

Here is a great video about racism and the tea party.

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Who are the Tea Party activists, really?

Having been part of the tea party movement from very early on I want to post my experience in support of this movement as a true grassroots movement.

Around September of 2008 the TARP bill was coming into being (this was of course still under the Bush administration). At this time many of us began contacting our representative via phone, fax, email and mail. many of the responses we received from our representative were condescending at best. A major tone of the responses informed us that we did not know what was best for us an as our elected officials they were going to do what was best for us even if we disagreed. These same representatives then went to work to pass the TARP bill.

This was the ground work that led us into the new administration. Under the new administration a new budget and other spending bills were passed at an astonishing rate and with the same back and forth communication with our elected representatives. Many of us fiscal conservatives were suddenly finding that we were not represented in Washington by anyone. At this point we realized that to be heard at all we would have to “take to the streets” but we did not know how. At this moment on CNN a Chicago reporter asked if we all wanted to pay for our neighbors mortgage and said Chicago needed to have a tea party. This moment gave us the answer of how we could take our message to the people and to our representatives. We took to the Internet and to our local communities and arranges meetings and tea parties.

August 2009: town hall protesters are also being vilified as manufactured. Many of these protesters were embolden by the tea party movement and are in no way manufactured! Most are just scared of where their government is headed and know of no other way to actually be heard.

Tea Party groups aim to storm caucuses, shake up system – The Denver Post

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