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Who are the Tea Party activists, really?

Having been part of the tea party movement from very early on I want to post my experience in support of this movement as a true grassroots movement.

Around September of 2008 the TARP bill was coming into being (this was of course still under the Bush administration). At this time many of us began contacting our representative via phone, fax, email and mail. many of the responses we received from our representative were condescending at best. A major tone of the responses informed us that we did not know what was best for us an as our elected officials they were going to do what was best for us even if we disagreed. These same representatives then went to work to pass the TARP bill.

This was the ground work that led us into the new administration. Under the new administration a new budget and other spending bills were passed at an astonishing rate and with the same back and forth communication with our elected representatives. Many of us fiscal conservatives were suddenly finding that we were not represented in Washington by anyone. At this point we realized that to be heard at all we would have to “take to the streets” but we did not know how. At this moment on CNN a Chicago reporter asked if we all wanted to pay for our neighbors mortgage and said Chicago needed to have a tea party. This moment gave us the answer of how we could take our message to the people and to our representatives. We took to the Internet and to our local communities and arranges meetings and tea parties.

August 2009: town hall protesters are also being vilified as manufactured. Many of these protesters were embolden by the tea party movement and are in no way manufactured! Most are just scared of where their government is headed and know of no other way to actually be heard.

Tea Party groups aim to storm caucuses, shake up system – The Denver Post


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